TEK17 – Modules crafted for Norwegian market:
Is in compliance with the Norwegian laws and requirements.





Site hut Norra product family consists of the following modules:

  • Office – comfortable office modules for your needs
  • Sanitary – module containing kitchen and wet compounds as shower rooms and toilets
  • Manpower – quality modules for the workers

Final interior solutions according to your needs!

To see the different versions, please see the sections below.

TEK17-class modules

Module types

Norra 002view PDF view 3D

Norra 003view PDF view 3D

Norra 004view PDF view 3D

Norra 005view PDF view 3D

Norra 006view PDF view 3D

Norra 017view PDF

The solution for you

There are many options to choose from: starting from an empty module up to a fully equipped one – you decide.

We will help you to build a solution where every module has a specific purpose for your special requirements. The modules can be combined together in a domino-like way to form a whole workspace that meets all your needs.

Each module has different customizations available – for more details see the “view PDF” next to each module type above.


  • Exterior colour
  • Add your branding
  • Interior layout by purpose
  • Solution from interior design options
  • Interior furnishings


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