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Convenient and reliable modules 

Modules can be customized for your specific needs and are designed for:

  • creating a separate multifunctional building
  • connecting with other modules
  • connecting to an existing building
  • or used as a stand-alone modules

Regardless of which configuration you choose – office, sanitary or manpower, these high-quality structures ensure that you and your colleagues are comfortable and able to focus on the business as usual.

We will help you to find the right solution for your needs.

Built to last

  • Tested in Tallinn University of Technology
  • Innovative solutions
  • High air quality
  • Galvanized metal details
  • Meets and exceeds the Nordic building quality standards
  • Final layout and design tailor made for your needs

An example of a module complex with all the comforts for employees.

Our product families

We have a big product tree which divides into smaller product families. Each family has specifically been created in taking account the specific requirements of the Nordic countries.

See the different families and their differences below:

Site hut AA - our most advanced modules for Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Baltics

Is in compliance with the specific requirements of the countries above.

This product family creates the widest opportunities for multifunctional buildings. It is the most developed family and has the most different types of modules. For example with these modules you can create gender neutral workspaces.

To see more information click the “see more” button.

Site hut FFA - extra wide module type for Finland

FFA modules were created to use every m2 of the module as optimally as possible.

Modules meet the Finnish statutory requirements.

To see more information click the “see more” button.

Site hut TEK10 – modules crafted for the Norwegian market

Is in compliance with the Norwegian laws and requirements.

Unavailable at the moment – coming soon.

The best solutions for your needs

You can choose the final solution from our options – we will put together the module as you need it.
There are many options to choose from: starting from an empty module up to a fully equipt one – you decide.

The options are different for the categories, to read more, follow the “see more” buttons above.


  • High environment class
  • Cosy long lasting wooden modules
  • Quality interior finish
  • Thought-out solutions
  • International experienced team


  • Exterior colour
  • Add your branding
  • Interior layout by purpose
  • Solution from interior design options
  • Interior furnishings


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