The Ramirent Standard

Best practice

Our main customers are currently from Ramirent Group and therefore we can utilize decades long module rental experience from Nordic countries in our production. A new module can be compared with a newly produced, permanent building. We are confident that our modules will withstand the toughest conditions of use.


We use our experience to create new and better products – our modules are high class, innovative and modern. We have partnered with Tallinn University of Tehchnology in order to make sure of the quality of our modules. We are always working towards improving our systems, digitalizing our solutions and are open to new technologies

Quality insurance

We use carefully selected range of materials from Nordic manufacturers (Norway, Sweden, Finland). All the materials we use have CE-markings.
We are working together with different partners – our goal is to ensure efficient and innovative environment – key words include LEAN production and 5S.

All of our manufactured homes undergo thorough quality inspections throughout the construction process to ensure they meet our high standards. We provide warranty and guaranteed services to all our products.

With our modules you can easily create an environment with the best conditions for your operations.

Always evolving

We put remarkable effort in harmonising our sustainability and quality management. To support this we have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards for quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management.

Ramirent Modular Factory TEK-17 family was issued an ETA (European Technical Assessment) approved by the members of EOTA. This was followed by a production control audit, which resulted in the CE marking of the company’s prefabricated production process.

We are also members of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster.

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